What to Expect

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My First Time to Visit

It can be a nerve racking experience to visit a church for the first time,

whether you're used to church or not. You have to navigate the parking lot,

find the right entrance and learn how to get through the hallways to the right

place. Then there's the awkwardness of all the new people.

Here's what you can expect at Hazelwood Baptist Church -- people just like you.

Our church is made up of young and old, blue collar and white collar, various age

groups and all kinds of different ethnicities and cultures. We have people that are

mature in their faith, new in their faith, curious about faith and those that have not

yet come to faith. In short, we have all kinds of different people because well we

are all different and that's what is so beautiful about creation and the church. We

are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and our subtle differences allow us to be

one uniquely constructed church, fulfilling different roles and ministries to the

glory of God.

So, even if you are a little nervous about meeting new people,

come and be different with us to the glory of God.

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What do people wear?

Clothes of course, the whole fig leaf thing didn't work out well. When you come to

HBC you will find some wearing suits, some business casual, but most dress casual

and comfortable. We feel that the inward preparation for the service is much more

important than the outward preparation. So, come dressed up or dressed down but

please no fig leaves.

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Where to Park

We try to make parking easy for our guests. As you enter our

parking lot, that faces Howdershell Road, you will find guest

parking close to the Worship Center entrance. Upon entrance, in

the Worship Center, there will be greeters to help you find a seat

or answer any questions you may have about the church and


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The Worship Experience

The worship service at HBC is a little over an hour. We have a blended service of

hymns and contemporary music, including guitars, keyboard, bass, drums and

piano. We always take time to welcome everyone to worship. You will not be asked

to get up and greet those around you; one of the pastors will welcome everyone

from the platform. We usually have a time focused on prayer for our community,

missions, ministry or an event. Then one of our pastors will preach a biblically

centered, applicable message from a particular passage of scripture. The focus of

the worship

service is that we experience worship together, that we are mutually encouraged by

one another and that we are strengthened in our relationship with Jesus Christ.