Sharon Rogers

I have lived in North County almost my entire life. I come from a large family with 5

older siblings. My husband Daniel and I married in 1997 and we have been blessed

with three children, and a son-in-law.

I first began attending Hazelwood Baptist Church in 2000 while pregnant with my

second child. HBC is my husband’s childhood church. I started working part-time in

the office in 2012. I see my time in the office as more than just answering the phones

and printing a bulletin. I see it as an opportunity to help those who need it and

sometimes just being an ear for those who call.

In my spare time, I homeschool our youngest, enjoy crafts, embroidery, and

spending time with my family. I’ve been blessed to serve in several different

ministry areas in the church over the years. My favorite is working in the baby