Worship Leader
Part-Time (Salary TBD)
Location: Hazelwood, MO
Hazelwood Baptist Church is an established Baptist church located in an established suburb of North County St. Louis, Missouri. Our average Sunday worship attendance is around 325. Our vision is to be a disciple-making church and our purposes are to worship, grow, serve, share, together. We believe that living and doing life together is important as we were not made to go through this journey alone. It is our desire not only to share the gospel and truth of Jesus Christ, but also to live as disciples in our faith.
We have people from all different types of social, economic and cultural backgrounds. We come in all different shapes, sizes, and skin colors. One thing we do have in common is that we love Christ and are united to be disciples of Jesus. Another thing we have in common is that we all have a past. No one in our church family has lived a perfect life; that’s why we so much need Jesus and that’s why we so much need each other.
The Worship Leader is responsible for providing ministerial support to the Lead Pastor by providing and developing a comprehensive Worship Ministry that is consistent with the mission of the church. The Worship Leader will be responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating, and providing overall direction and leadership in the worship, drama, and multi-media/technology areas of ministry to include but not limited to music, choir, ensembles, drama, multi-media, instrumentals, and orchestral ensembles to enhance the worship of God and the whole ministry of the church. The Worship Leader is expected to contribute to the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, and prayer support.
To be hired in the role of Hazelwood Baptist Church Worship Leader, a candidate:
  • Must possess a strong Christian spiritual and moral character and expected to be or become a member of Hazelwood Baptist Church. As a leader within our ministries, it is expected that they would be involved intentionally in disciple-making efforts, mentoring others in God’s love, and being mentored in faith and leadership
  • Will understand and agree to our church’s mission and core values
  • Must be able to work efficiently and effectively as a member of a team, yet be able to work independently to plan, execute, and oversee all worship related ministries
  • Must be musically proficient and able to utilize a networked computer system in order to coordinate the music ministry within the church
The primary duties and responsibilities of this position include:
  • Plan, coordinate, select, rehearse, direct, and lead the weekly corporate times of Worship in consultation with the Lead Pastor
  • Provide musical and spiritual leadership to the music and drama ministry including recruitment, training, and motivating volunteers
  • Oversee, develop, coordinate, and schedule all accompanying participants in worship and drama ministry (piano, keyboard, organ, percussion, orchestra, choir, soloist, ensembles, instrumentalist, guest musicians, drama, etc.)
  • Be responsible for oversight of the selection of music, recruitment, weekly rehearsals, and performance at the regularly scheduled services and special events
  • Lead worship ministry team planning meetings and provide decision-making for selection of music and other media
  • Be responsible for assuring that those participating in the music ministry are adequately prepared and that the music selected is appropriate
  • Oversee the musical development of our children (e.g. children’s choir, musicals, youth praise teams, etc.)
  • Oversee the presentation of musical/dramatic productions for special occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, and other festive occasions
  • Oversee, recruit, train, and coordinate all prospective sound, multi-media, and lighting crew members
  • Coordinate the purchase of music, supplies, materials, and equipment and maintain an inventory thereof
  • Encourage high standards of spiritual commitment and musical excellence in participants
  • Seeks excellence and flow in the structure of each service
  • Oversee maintenance of the church music library and ensure compliance with copyright laws
  • Arrange, transpose, transcribe, or compose music for use in church functions and ministries and also secure any authorizations which are needed from publishers and/or composers
  • Manage the annual music budget and purchase music and supplies in addition to scheduling maintenance of music resources in church.
To be hired in the role of Hazelwood Baptist Church Worship Leader, a candidate:
  • Must model high standards in their own personal, family, and devotional life and maintain a good example in relationships with others, engaging in practices such as study, prayer, and tithing
  • Must model high standards in your own personal, family, and devotional life and maintaining a good example in relationships with others, studying, praying, tithing, and such
  • Must consult the Lead Pastor on plans, events, policies, and situations
  • Must work closely with all other members of the church staff and leadership, effectively uniting with and complementing other church ministries
  • Must support church ministry and activities by attending staff meetings and staff prayer times, reporting on ministry activities, faithfully attending Sunday and Wednesday church services, being part of a LIFE group, attending church wide activities, and performing other assignments as directed
  • Must maintain a weekly schedule with a minimum work week of 20 hrs.
  • Must prepare and develop an annual budget and oversee the budget and expenditures for the Worship Ministries department
  • Must perform other responsibilities as determined by the Lead Pastor
Vickie Silkey
6161 Howdershell Rd.
Hazelwood, MO 63042