Facilities Maintenance
Part-Time (Salary TBD)
Location: Hazelwood, MO
The Facilities Maintenance position is responsible for the maintenance all church facilities. Responsibilities include working directly with the Trustees Team, Pastoral Team, Ministerial Team, Support Team, and Volunteers in assisting with general facility maintenance and preventive care. The Facilities Maintenance position will help accomplish preventative maintenance on all facilities/equipment and help perform needed repairs and service. The Facilities Maintenance position is largely unsupervised and requires self-motivation, accountability for time and expenses, and integrity. While maintenance personnel are not expected to perform at super-human levels, they should put forth a reasonable effort in doing their job. Also, maintenance personnel should constantly look for small projects and repairs that need to be performed without having to be instructed or informed. Much of their work should result from routine inspections.
The Facilities Maintenance person will work directly with the Trustees Team to accomplish proper building maintenance. This position reports to the Associate Pastor for administrative details and to the Lead Pastor for all personnel issues in coordination with the Personnel Team and to the Trustees Team for daily facility maintenance duties.
The primary duties and responsibilities of this position include:
  • Attend to all facility property general maintenance and preventive care
  • Repair doors, windows, cabinets, floors, and ceilings, as well as painting and wall repair, minor HVAC maintenance, minor plumbing, and minor electrical work
  • Manage a ’punch list’ list of repairs needed and repairs completed (work order list)
  • Help maintain Church equipment
  • Be knowledgeable on the security camera system
  • Be knowledgeable on the operation of the energy management system
  • Ensure any performed repairs are in compliance with all codes from the city, county, and state
  • Run errands necessary for job completion
  • Assist with projects whenever possible
  • Perform all other duties assigned to fulfill the maintenance objectives of Hazelwood Baptist Church
To be hired in the role of Hazelwood Baptist Church Facility Maintenance, a candidate:
  • Must use discretion and confidentiality in all matters related to church members and church business
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to ongoing spiritual and professional growth
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to support the mission and vision of Hazelwood Baptist Church
  • Exhibit the ability to work with and support the volunteers, members, support staff, ministers and Pastoral staff of Hazelwood Baptist Church
  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of building maintenance, general carpentry, plumbing, electrical, audio/video systems, network/voice wiring, and custodial skills
  • Exhibit the ability to become familiar with all aspects of the facilities and systems
  • Must maintain documentation on all service agreements, warranties, safety related documentation, invoices, etc. on any performed repairs
  • Must consult with the Trustees Team for all spending
  • Must provide invoices and receipts to the Financial staff person for payment
  • Must notify the Lead Pastor or his designee in advance of time off
  • Must finish all repairs and small projects in a timely manner
  • Exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must attend Facility Committee meetings
The Facilities Maintenance position is evaluated by the Trustees Team, first line supervisory, in coordination with the Personnel Committee. Compensation is reviewed annually. For the 2018-2019 Budget Year, the expectation is eight hours per week.
Vickie Silkey
6161 Howdershell Rd.
Hazelwood, MO 63042