Doing Life as God’s Family!

At Hazelwood Baptist Church, our mission statement is to...

"Help those who don’t know Christ come to know Him, and to help those who do know Him, come to be more like Him."

How do we do this? We do this by "Doing Life Together". No matter your background, past, age, gender, cultural history or just plain where you are in your life, we want to be a place where you can build relationships and eternal friendships.
See, we are all on a journey in life, and we are all people who struggle with issues, temptations, and sin. Yet through it all, we all share our love, total dependence, and worship of the one who saved us. His name is Jesus!
With Jesus at the center of our life, we are purposed to worship God passionately, grow as His disciples, serve the world with an eternal impact, and share our personal story of how our lives have been changed only through salvation in Christ. We do thistogether as a church family by experiencing real and authentic relationships.
One great thing to knowabout us is that you don’t have to "have it all together"; because none of us do. Standing shoulder to shoulder as brothers and sisters in Christ, we are committed to walk through life by just "Doing Life Together".

Ways to get plugged into Fellowship...

  • Join a Life Group
  • Volunteer to Serve with our Community Missions Teams